Hello and Welcome 2017

fresh start new year


Have you made some New Year Resolutions or do you dread January?  Its certainly a great time to make ‘life changes’ and ‘start afresh’!   To me January is wonderful – after the Christmas festivities, and all that eating and drinking, its lovely to get back to a more simple life again – clearing the home and body!

Its also a great time to reassess your life – are you living your ideal life or do you yearn for something different?  For me the most important thing is happiness – being happy everyday.  Many years ago I would have put this down to more materialistic things but now I find happiness in the daily everyday stuff and much of that has been achieved by ‘slowing down’ and actually being happy in each moment instead of thinking of times past and futures yet to come.  I like to think of each day as a wonderful day and try to always be positive and thankful – and if I get stressed or agitated I stop, close my eyes and breathe slowly for a count of 10 to calm me down.

I saw this Walt Disney quote and thought it was quite apt for this time of year – I’m a procrastinator and actually if I just make a decision and get on with it I feel a fantastic sense of achievement and it also boosts my confidence!

So this New Year I’m going to decide what I want to do and get on with it and then have lots of lovely free time to go walking and cycling, cooking for the family and of course making my soap!

Deborah X