Nourish Your Skin

Each day our skin absorbs hundreds of chemicals from the food we eat to the products we apply – just imagine how difficult it is for our bodies to take the beneficial ingredients and eliminate the waste!

Many products contain harsh chemicals which we use to clean, scent and coat our skin – but what happens when they are absorbed into the blood stream and start to change our natural cell functions?

Like most people I want to stay healthy and feel energised so that life is good and can be enjoyed, but I felt overwhelmed by all the products deemed necessary to achieve this goal.  I started to read the labels on everything I used and researched many of the ingredients.

My conclusion was that a very high percentage were really not needed by me and in fact by drastically simplifying by daily routine I looked better, felt better and most importantly had more time!

Now I eat and use products that are fresh and have an ingredient list taken from what nature has provided.  An unexpected bonus is that I don’t feel under pressure to fill my bathroom cabinet with products designed for changing how I look and feel and the fact that I can go away with just a bar of soap – to wash body and hair, a face and body oil to nourish my skin is completely liberating!