Energise Soap


Perfect for when you need a burst of energy, the heady uplifting aromas of May Chang and Ylang Ylang will re-energise, refresh and invigorate the body and the mind.
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Nourishing & moisturising soap with the uplifting aromas of May Chang & Ylang Ylang.

Benefits of Energise Soap

Our unique list of ingredients all contain pure essential oils, skilfully blended to benefit your skin.


•  Rapeseed Oil
•  Coconut Oil & Castor Oil
•  Shea Butter  & Cocoa Butter
•  Water
•  Glycerin
•  May Chang, Lavender & Ylang Ylang Essential Oils
•  Paprika


•  Moisturising
•  Hydrating
•  Nourishing
•  Softening
•  Stimulating
•  Energising


•  Facial Cleanser (avoid eye area)
•  Body Wash
•  Shampoo bar
•  Energise the mind:
•  Inhale the aroma for a count of 5
•  Exhale slowly for a count of 8
•  Repeat several times

The benefits of Energise soap

Paprika is our star ingredient of this soap added for its ability to increase circulation and make the skin glow.

As our soap is packed full of nourishing oils & butters we recommend that it is air dried between each use.

Deborah Neill uses only 100% natural ingredients.

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Large (140g), Small (30g)


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