Pure Soap


Gentle cleansing for even the most sensitive skin including eczema and psoriasis.

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Unscented, gentle and nourishing soap.

Benefits of Pure Soap

Our unique list of ingredients all contain pure essential oils, skilfully blended to benefit your skin.


•  Rapeseed Oil
•  Coconut Oil & Castor Oil
•  Shea Butter & cocoa Butter
•  Water
•  Glycerin


•  Hydration
•  Moisturisation
•  Soothing
•  Healing
•  Reduction in irritation


•  Facial cleanser – avoid eye area
•  Body Wash
•  Shampoo
•  Shave Soap
•  During Radiation treatment
•  Can be used to hand wash delicate clothing!

The secret of Pure soap

The perfect family soap – gentle on the skin and hair yet full of Glycerin to protect, hydrate and soothe sensitivities – every home should have one!

As our soap is packed full of nourishing oils & butters we recommend that it is air dried between each use.

Deborah Neill uses only 100% natural ingredients.

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Large (140g), Small (30g)


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