Soap Story

Qualified as a beautician and aromatherapist in the 1980’s I spent many years enjoying salon work and in particular facials and massage.

But working so much with my hands resulted in the return of my childhood eczema and I spent the next few years trying many different remedies from steroid creams to natural alternatives which left me with very thin skin which was prone to dryness and irritated very easily.

During this time I began to look at what really went into the products which I was using daily on my skin and I was shocked at just how many chemicals were involved and I questioned why they were there as surely a simple soap or wash has the purpose of leaving the skin clean and moisturised?

This led me to buying handmade and natural products which did help but for me still had too many unnecessary additives and fragrances which had no therapeutic value to the skin.  I began to experiment with making my own soap and eventually came up with a very simple recipe which produced my perfect soap – it cleansed with a creamy lather and left my skin moisturised and comfortable.

Since then I have made this soap many times and often gave it to family and friends to use too.  Many of them, like me, loved the soap and it was with their encouragement that I decided to make and sell my soaps which I hope you will also enjoy using and more importantly feel the benefit on your skin!

Deborah x