Welcome 2019

Hello and welcome to January 2019 – a year of less …..

January is one of my favourite months, I love the idea of a new year, new plans, the expectations of what lies ahead – a fresh start!

This year for me is all about embracing less – consuming less, buying less, needing less to achieve more.

Each day I want to be thankful for what I have – a home, food, clothes and family and friends – this is what matters!


I hope to reduce the waste we produce as a family and live in a more sustainable way – eating with the seasons, only buying what is necessary and always being mindful of the impact our choices make on our environment.  I will endeavour to live this year only spending on new items as old ones need to be replaced and recycling where possible. Can I go a whole year without buying new clothes?  I’m certainly going to try!


Much of this mindset has come about as I have moved from a bathroom cabinet full of skincare products to just a bar of soap and a couple of body / face oils.  Less is most definitely more!  It takes less time, costs less money and achieves the same results – perfect!


This ethos also makes me feel free – I realised that the ‘stuff’ I’ve bought over the years does not make me any happier.  My happiness comes from having time to walk each day, cook for the family each day,  spend time with good friends and relax without feeling I should be doing something!


So I am really looking forward to 2019, to enjoying life as it is just now, accepting each day with the highs and lows as they come and being very much alive and in the moment!


Wishing you much Happiness for 2019


Deborah x


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