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Rose Geranium & Orange Face & Body Balm


This clean, minimal, and gentle balm was created out of a need to simplify our daily skincare routine and use one quality product for both the face, body.

Each ingredient utilises the power of plants to provide everything our skin needs for complete nourishment and to soften and smooth the skin.

The balm is vegan and free from chemicals, water, preservatives, parabens, alcohol, emulsifiers, SLS, nut oils and artificial colours or scent.

It is a daily ritual product that encourages us to slow down and take time to care for ourselves with a mindful approach. The rich formula means just a small amount is needed.

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1 review for Rose Geranium & Orange Face & Body Balm

  1. Paula

    I bought this beautiful balm from the lovely Deborah at a local market yesterday. It smells heavenly and leaves no residue on my skin, being quickly absorbed. I tried a tiny amount on the ends of my hair as an experiment and I think it could perhaps be used as a hair treatment too!

    • Deborah Neill

      Thank you for the review Paula and it could indeed be used on the ends of very dry hair or possibly overnight as a rich hair mask and then washed out next day!

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