GENTLE SKINCARE – made in Northern Ireland with local ingredients

My range of  clean & gentlw skincare has been created to be both kind to your delicate skin and to our planet.

I have always had eczema breakouts and I also realised at a young age that my skin wasn’t good with strongly fragranced products.  My career as a beautician and aromatherapist was extremely rewarding, trying to help others with their skins, but after a cancer diagnosis in 2013, I realised how many of the products which I used daily were laden with unnecessary chemicals and additives and often contained a high percentage of just water!  On their own they may be safe, but a quick check of the lists on the back of the products I was using each morning showed that I was applying hundreds of different ingredients onto my skin!

I became passionate about only using natural products on the my body.  After all the skin is our largest organ and everything we apply topically to it is absorbed into our blood stream.

Thus began Deborah Neill Handmade Skincare.

Each ingredient I use has been thoroughly researched and tested for its skin benefits, is sustainable and is 100% natural.  My ethos is centered around balance and simplicity – to achieve beautiful, glowing skin using just a few very high quality products.

All my skincare is created and formulated by myself and then extensively tested on volunteers.   Each product is guaranteed to be free from chemicals, preservatives, parabens, emulsifiers, SLS, artificial scent and colour, silicones, parafins,  palm and nut oils and is certified by a Cosmetic Chemist in accordance with both the EU and UK cosmetic regulations.  All of my oils and serums are also completely water free so only a small amount is needed and it is readily absorbed into the skin.

Each ingredient is of vegan origin, never tested on animals and the packaging is almost 100% recyclable.


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Handmade  Soaps


My soaps are made using the traditional cold process method and my clean ingredients all come from natural and local sources.  Scent and colour come from pure essential oils and natural botanicals.  I use a local Rapeseed Oil which is farmed sustainably, cold pressed and packed full of Omegas 3,6 & 9 and vitamins D & E and this  gives my soaps their unique skin hydrating and moisturising properties.  I also use local oats and seaweed from Northern Ireland.

Award Winning Handmade Body, Face & Hair Oil



My oils are all handmade using 100% clean, natural and organic ingredients  – each one is specifically chosen for its benefits to the skin and their scents have been formulated by me using my aromatherapy background with  pure, steam distilled essential oils. 

My oils will hydrate, moisturise, nourish, soften, soothe and protect the skin and can be used on the body, the face and as a hair treatment.  They are very highly concentrated as they are  ‘water free’ formulations, meaning that they also are free from preservatives and emulsifiers and just a little goes a long way.  These oils are your daily body and face moisturiser – it can take a little time to become accustomed to using an oil, but your skin will very quickly love it and you will only need one product rather then two or three which saves money and is a better enviromental choice too!

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Deborah Neill uses only 100% natural ingredients.