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Shampoo & Conditioner Soap


This clean, minimal and gentle shampoo and conditioner soap is handmade using a local rapeseed oil grown sustainably on a bee friendly farm on the North Coast of Ireland and cold pressed to retain very high levels of vitamins, omegas and anti-oxidants. It has a high percentage of Castor oil to create a fluffy lather, with the addition of organic Shea Butter and Virgin Avocado Oil to condition the hair.

*If you have not tried a shampoo soap, read my blog on the best way to move away from chemical based shampoos which leave a residue of silicone on your hair.  The shampoo bar will leave the hair very fresh and light.

It is free from palm oil, SLS, preservatives, emulsifiers, parabens, nut oils, artificial colour or scent.

It is vegan and plastic free.

Allow the soap to air dry between each use.

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