What are you putting on your skin?

Last week yet another cosmetic ingredient has been deemed unsafe and will be banned from the end of the year.  Pentasodium Penetate was put into products to help prevent them going rancid and last longer.  This is one of the reasons why I manufacture water free skincare (anhydrous), because if there is no water then you do not need extra ingredients to combine water and oils in order to form a cream or gel and to prevent deteriotation, microbial growth or spoiling.

When formulating a new product I start at the end and work back.  What do I want the product to achieve and which natural ingredients will give this?  There is usually around a year of many different versions until I am happy with the result.  Each ingredient I use must have a positive effect on the skin and be 100% natural and sustainable.  Each ingredient is sourced is either organic, natural or food grade and every product is fully certified by a Cosmetic Chemist under both UK and EU law.

I believe that our skin is not designed to absorb the amount of different ingredients which we use daily and I have discovered that by vastly reducing this to just a few quality ones the skin becomes healthier and more radiant.

Gone are the days when I had a bathroom cabinet full of every conceivable face and body care product and now using just a few my skin feels alive and fresh and I wear much less make up.

I use the facial soap to cleanse using a little lukewarm water and my bamboo facecloth.  For daytime I apply the Pure & Unscented Oil and at night the Bloom Serum and if my skin feels a little dry then I put some of the Pure & Unscented Balm on top – that’s it – an easy daily routine with just a few wholly natural ingredients and products that multi task – I alternate using the oil and balm as my body moisturiser.

In addition to being better for our skin this works out much less expensive and buying fewer products is also better for the enviroment.

So why not join the Clean and Minimal Skincare revolution and see just how good your skin will look and feel?



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