Shampoo & Conditioner Soap

It can take a little time for your hair to transition from a commercial, chemical laden shampoo to a natural product but if you persevere it is well worth it as your hair will be soft, full of vitality and shine!

Using Deborah Neill Shampoo & conditioner Soap is very easy, simply wet your hair really well, then wet the shampoo soap and rub gently over the head to create a lather, using more water if necessary.

Massage into the hair and rinse, then towel dry and style as usual.

To help your hair change to this natural soap you can using a pre-shampoo rinse of Sodium Bicarbonate – mix approx. 1 part Sodium Bicarbonate to 10 parts warm water, stir to dissolve and apply to hair. Rinse thoroughly and then use the shampoo soap. (The mixture helps to remove the residue left on the hair shaft by commercial shampoos and conditioners).

Another little tip is to apply an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse once a week to the hair. After using the Shampoo Soap just mix 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar to 10 parts warm water and pour over hair. Massage gently through to the roots and then rinse with warm water – the vinegar smell will completely disappear in less than 10 minutes and your hair will be really soft and smooth.

At the start your hair can become dry or greasy or just a bit dull and it is hard as we all want glossy, vibrant hair, but if you give it some time you will be rewarded – I always say that my hair feels so fresh and it does not need washed as often as when I used chemical shampoos – also the one bar is my shampoo and conditioner in one, there is no plastic and it takes less time in the shower – its good for your hair, your time, your money and the environment!

The ingredients include Castor Oil for the lovely fluffy lather, Coconut Oil to gently clean the hair, Shea and Cocoa Butter to hydrate and Avocade Oil to condition.


Deborah x


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